Research Capacity Team

Team Introduction

Research capacity is the foundation to maintain the long-term competitiveness of the country. In recent decades STPI conducts analysis in international academic papers and patent data from developed countries to observe Taiwan’s performance of research capacity from the global perspective. The analysis enables STPI Research Capacity Team to grasp Taiwan’s position in globalization and strength of research capacity. The result of analysis also provides fundamental information to sci-tech policy makers in the public sector.

For many years STPI has served the Ministries including Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Education to provide hierarchy analysis of research capacity. STPI is also contracted by the Intellectual Property Office of Ministry of Economic Affairs for various research projects. In these projects STPI conducts thematic analysis on dynamic competition of patents for developing domains in Taiwan. The research outputs can be seen as references for the government, researchers and the general public to understand Taiwan’s academic competitiveness. Simultaneously, the research outputs can be integrated with other STPI’s databases to systemically observe the structure of Taiwan’s research society and serve as the foundation for in-depth analysis on specific subjects.