The Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI), established in 1974, aims to support the government's technology policy-making and addressing social needs for globalization and the coming era of knowledge economy. Functioning as the main government think-tank for science and technology policy and the major platform for incorporating Taiwan's research communities, STPI has utilized over 40 years experience in collecting, collating and disseminating science & technology information for the purposes of innovation, competitiveness, sustainable development and social well-being and has integrated and provided with several nationwide technology related information services in improving the efficiency of scientific research. In order to fulfill its missions as the main think-tank for the government's technology policy-making, the future vision of STPI is to continue advancing the level in support of science & technology policy and information services and improving the nation's science & technology competitiveness by creating a sound science & technology policy research infrastructure and setting up academic and policy databases, methodology, tools and core competencies with authoritative and international standard. With sound academic foundation and empirical research capabilities, STPI is advancing toward its major goal as a world-class policy research institution.