International Conference on STI policy: Navigating the Innovations through Evaluation 2018.08.30

STPI hosted the “International Conference on STI policy: Navigating the Innovations through Evaluation” at Grand Hotel Taipei on July 11.  The well-reputed speakers are from MIoIR of Manchester University in UK, METI and NEDO of Japan, NIST of America, HSE of Russian, KISTEP of Korea, etc.

                                            Conference photo montage

Director Edler from MIoIR delivered a keynote speech “Innovation policy for the demand side: Rationales, instruments and challenges for evaluation”.  Besides, the three sessions were focused on “Facilitating the Technology Commercialization through the Evidence-Based Strategic Funding and Complementary Interventions”, “Informing the Interagency Coordination and Managerial Interventions through Ex-ante and Ex-post Impact Assessment Aligned with Needs of Policy Makers”, and ” Utilizing Evaluation Results to Adapt the STI Policy to the Changing Competition Context”, with lectures delivered by 6 invited speakers.

        Director General Joung Yuh-Jzer of STPI welcomed audience guests

There were about 170 participants attending the conference. The conference catalyzed the cross-country contextualized learning and collaborations in terms of STI policy planning, delivery mechanisms, evaluation methodologies and supportive governance structures through the interactions among speakers and audience.

Professor Edler, the Director of MIoIR at Manchester University, delivering a keynote speech “Demand Side Policy. Concept, evidence, challenges”

Professor Kobayashi, Chairman of the Research Evaluation Committee for METI and NEDO, talking about “Strategy and Evaluation of R&D for Innovation in METI, NEDO and University in Japan”
Miss Ruegg, Former Director of the ATP's Economic Assessment Office (Created by National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST), sharing her experiences in evaluation.